Wishaw Landscapes Planting services’ are practical, individual and attractive.

Our Planting service has become more and more popular with our customers who are looking to give impressive flower bed displays. We have a complete and thorough service which will take you all your way from your initial survey to discuss your needs, designing the planting scheme, planting the plants and giving expert after care advice.

We will make sure we are providing plants that suit your wants, lifestyle, soil type and position of your garden so that the planting will last you a lifetime. We work on any size gardens from a small residential garden who are struggling to choose the right plants to grow in their garden to business parks who need a number or tree and shrubs to give an attractive finish.

We also offer a maintenance service so that your flower beds look stunning all year round without you having to find the time to spend on them. When using our planting service you can rest assured that our plants come from highly rated, experienced nurseries.

There are many different types of planting schemes you can choose from but here at Wishaw Landscapes we concentrate on three main areas;

Formal Planting

Formal Planting is a lot like a military parade. There is a definite and precise structure where you will notice distinct areas or rows contributing to the overall design. There will always be a degree of symmetry in the planting design but this give an impressive visual effect.

Informal Planting

By contrast Informal Planting is a more relaxed, soft planting style. The planting is still an organised design but attempts to imitate how things grow naturally by using flower drifts, bog gardens, wildflower meadows or even bulbs poking up through a lawn. All planting positions are flexible and will softly intertwine with each other to give an impression that they have been maturing that way for years.

Tradition Herbaceous Planting

Wishaw Landscapes are experts at planning and planting Herbaceous Boarders, the type of flower displays you would see in large stately home. These boarders are packed with flowering perennials giving amazing colour displays from March all the way through to October.

Having your flower beds designed and planted is more cost effective than you may think. Our customer often spend a lot of time and money experimenting with what plants will and wont grow effectively in their garden. By paying to have Wshaw Landscapes design and plant your garden you are guaranteeing that you are getting what you want and, what your garden needs.

New for 2014 – Plant Sitting

Got a holiday booked? Going to stay with a loved one away from home? Taking an extended break? In 2014 Wishaw Landscapes are launching their plant sitting service. We will make sure that your plants are watered everyday, except when it rains, so that you are able to come back to the lush planting that you left behind. We bring all our own equipment so that all you need to provide is an outside tap.

Call one of our experienced Wishaw Landscapes experts to discuss all your plating needs. 0121 313 3085

What Our Clients Say About our planting services’

I have dense clay soil in my garden so have always struggled growing plants. Wishaw Landscapes advised me of what plants were suitable for my garden and planted them for me. My flower beds are now thriving with life and colour all year round.

Linda PhillipsGarden - planting

I have never been the best gardener but always loved cottage style gardens. Wishaw Landscapes designed my flower beds using herbaceous plants. I was given a plan to tell me what plant was where and given all the advise i need to make sure they flourish in the future.

Jeff AshtonGarden - Planting