Artificial Grass

Our customer was tired of spending her precious spare time trying to keep on top of her garden. She found that her garden borders where needed constant weeding, her patio had discoloured and her lawn was always overgrown. She wanted a maintenance free garden that she could use as an extension of her home and enjoy.

Through a recommendation from a friend she contacted Wishaw Landscapes about our Artificial Grass Installations. At our initial meeting our customer was shown samples and talked through each product. We explained the installation process of artificial grass and how long we would expect her garden to take. We answered any questions she had and talked through all the benefits of going ahead with an Artificial Grass instal.

Benefits of Artificial Grass

  • Artificial grass will last between 8 to 15 years before it starts to flatten
  • We can make the grass fit any garden design, large or small
  • artificial grass will not loose its colour
  • Pets can play to their hearts content without getting muddy or ruining the grass
  • You never again need to feed, weed or mow your lawn
  • Children will love to play on it
  • Pet urine will not stain the grass
  • artificial grass will look great in problem areas where grass would normally struggle to grow
  • It only take a couple of days to install and can be used straight away

Once we had provided a quotation she took no hesitation in booking in and now has a beautifully green lawn that she is able to enjoy all year round without the worry of having to maintain it.

The Before and After pictures below just how your garden can be transformed with artificial grass. It has made our customers garden twice the size and bought it back to life. The edging, patio and fencing really give the garden the finishing touch.

The Lawn mower has been sold much to her delight.